A new season! Shul tour, CD-recordings and school performances

As calm as our last months have been, as busy we will be in season 20/21!

School performances are slowly returning, and we are looking forward playing again for all children in the Netherlands.

Furthermore we are working on a new CD. A very special one, inspired by some of the issues our society faced thoughout last year. We thank SENA for their financial support for this project! Recordings will take place during fall 2020.

Linked to our new CD, is a fantastic tour through the Netherlands. No ordinary concerts, but concerts combined with stories from the concert's location itself. Therefore, every concert will be a unique experience. With many thanks to Cultuurmakers for their financial support for making our tour possible!

Please follow our social media and this site for receiving updates on our tour and CD plans. We are looking forward seeing you at one of our performances!

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